Electric Bicycle Rental – E-Bike Rental!

100,00 lei

Rent an e-bike for up to 4h just at 100 lei (20 EUR)!

Discover the area of Brașov by pedalling easily with the coolest and most affordable electric bike!

Create your own route with the most wanted sightseeing. You can travel with a small group or family, at a distance of about 90 km.

In 4 hours you can see:

Visit Schei Area

Discover Unirii Square

Explore the Church of St. Nicholas

Research the First Romanian School

Reach the stones of Solomon

Follow the old road to Poiana Brașov

In Poiana Brasov you can dine at one of the local romanian restaurants. Also we recommend going to Belvedere, then going to the White Tower and the Black Tower.

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Conquer any hill or slope, effortlessly with – LIKEBIKE.RO!

If you’re thinking that an E-bike will make you less of a cyclist, think twice. You actually do have to pedal, but the e-bike gives you a gentle boost when you start pedalling and helps when going up the hill. In the result, you feel less fatigued at the end of the trip. Also, while fun and sporty, electric or assisted bicycles do not require a license or insurance. So HURRY UP and book this wonder of modern technology at a great price! Rent an E-bike in Brașov!


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Freedom, adventure, happiness, love for cycle-tourism and Romania - all these combined with maximum safety in one cool new technology.

LIKEBIKE.RO E-Bikes are manufactured in the EU, equipped with 250 W motors, 16 A battery – the most powerful on the market at the moment. The power of the battery is sufficient for a 90 km route, depending on the regime and the weight of the cyclist. These E-bikes have a durable, lightweight aluminium frame with an air cushion on the front wheel, for extra comfort. And, as maximum safety is one of our principles, the ability to stop quickly and on time is ensured by 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes. For the travellers on the route after sunset, the high-performance lighting system will be a great helper.

Your most memorable adventure begins with LIKEBIKE.RO. Discover Brașov in your own way!

Rent e-bikes for entire family and make your weekend unbelievable!



Welcome to Brașov!

We prefer outdoor cycling because we feel the wind in our faces, we see all the beauty of life and the adrenaline begins to boil in the blood! Here started the idea to offer to all our guests these sensations, along with a chance to explore a historic city, mountain trails and all the surroundings of this picturesque area of Romania, all while pedalling on two wheels. Mountain bike rental Brașov is a fantastic way to spend a vacation!

We offer you freedom of movement and the ability to choose the locations you want to visit yourself. But, in case you do not know the area, you can choose one of the routes proposed by our team LIKEBIKE.RO! We also take into account the fact that everyone is different, and have a different level of physical condition. A simple bike ride, from a fantastic idea, can turn into a nightmare on the first slope. That's why we chose the latest generation - electric bikes!